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Clinical Solutions

Citeline Clinical provides comprehensive real-time R&D intelligence to the life sciences industry, and features unmatched data collection of global clinical trials, vetted investigators, trial sites and drug development pipelines. Our content is curated by the industry’s largest team of expert analysts, making Citeline Clinical an unparalleled source of R&D intelligence on the market.

With over 180,000 users, our data support strategic decisions across the life cycle of both commercial and clinical drug development. Our analysts provide critical insight into the global clinical trial landscape, informing protocol design, study feasibility, enrollment benchmarking, site identification and selection. Our trial engagement solutions enhance efforts to raise trial awareness, educate HCPs and patients, and accelerate trial enrollment.

The clinical workflow journey

Transform your clinical trials from study design, to feasibility, to patient recruitment, all supported with the necessary regulatory reporting in place.

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Our Clinical Solutions

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