Data Analytics & Consultancy Services

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Fuel your strategic planning and tactical decision-making with best-in-class data and bespoke pharmaceutical consulting

Tap into the industry expertise of data analysts and specialized consultants who understand how to translate clinical data into actionable insights that lead to smarter, more strategic business decisions. Make use of custom consulting, personalized data modeling, real world data, and other analytic solutions that address your specific business questions.

Consultancy and data services

Best-in-class data and bespoke pharmaceutical consulting.

Be confident in data-driven decisions driven by analytics and custom solutions built for you. Staying ahead of the competition has its challenges. Pharma and biotech decisions-makers trust Citeline’s data analytics and custom intelligence experts to maximize opportunities, minimize risk and ensure more successful outcomes.

Our data analytics capabilities include ready-made and custom analytic solutions, all powered by Citeline’s industry-leading data allowing you to:

  • save time with ready-aggregated data
  • ingest data, into your internal platforms
  • visualize data via dashboards and more

If you need a consultative solution tailored to your specific needs, Citeline’s Consultancy Services combine deep domain expertise with industry-leading, evidence-based data to support:

  • competitive landscape monitoring
  • trial timing benchmarking
  • identification and prioritization of investigators and sites 
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