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Delivering Data And Insights To Improve Outcomes For Contract Research Organizations

Create winning bids, plan optimal trials, meet your enrollment goals faster, and expand into new markets.

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Improve Your Performance

How are you ensuring that your insights are unassailable? How can you be sure you have a complete view of the trial landscape?

In an increasingly competitive environment, the pressure is on you to craft the most impactful, differentiated RFP responses and bid defense presentations. Sponsors are vetting your recommendations against their own data and the trial landscape is evolving faster than ever before.

Did you know?

  • 66% of sites fail to meet their original enrollment goals
  • 50% of sites enroll one or no patients in their clinical trials

Change this status quo and differentiate your work by leveraging industry-leading Citeline data and services.

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How We Help

  • Cultivate a complete view of the trial landscape for your clinical trial planning and design using data curated by expert analysts
  • Support RFP responses with a vast array of data points on current and historic trials, including benchmarking enrollment rates for your clinical trials, and drug development
  • Optimize clinical trial site selection by utilizing real-world data to pinpoint protocol-matched patients and unique site and investigator insights
  • Leverage patient engagement and recruitment services to enhance enrollment activities, including meeting diversity targets
  • Streamline operational costs through more efficient clinical trials
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