Patient Engagement & Recruitment Solutions

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The end-to-end solution to find, educate, engage and enroll clinical trial participants worldwide

Citeline offers a comprehensive suite of patient-driven and data-driven technologies and services to connect the right patients, caregivers, physicians, sites and partners to your clinical research. We provide you with the solutions you need to make enrollment simple for everyone.

Patient Engagement & Recruitment

Raise awareness, build trust and meet your enrollment goals on time and on budget.

Executing increasingly complex clinical trials requires speed, precision and efficiency. But disruption can be hard when you're working in a complex system of stakeholders with varying needs, perspectives and challenges. Citeline is changing that. We’re revolutionizing patient engagement and recruitment with a one-to-many model underpinned by next-gen technology to alleviate the burden faced in clinical trials for all.

  • Flip the recruitment paradigm by opening more channels to reach protocol-matched patients
  • Achieve operational efficiency and recruitment speed at scale with data that support strategic decision-making
  • Streamline how diverse patients across the globe are enabled to find, engage and enroll in trials in the therapeutic areas that matter to them

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