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NEW YORK – Jan. 30, 2024 – Submitting clinical trial disclosures across different regions can be a fragmented, cumbersome process. Citeline’s new TrialScope Disclose: Core Data is a unified registry submission platform that helps consolidate and streamline clinical trial disclosure processes.

TrialScope Disclose: Core Data features the required global data fields in a single form, allowing for one-time disclosure across multiple registries, including, CTIS and jRCT, with more registries being added in the near future. Core Data eliminates duplicate data entry across registries, streamlining the review/approval process for senior staff and ensuring consistency and efficiency, while its built-in validations and compliance checks reduce risks.

“Managing clinical trial disclosures across multiple registries is often done in a piecemeal fashion, leaving the process open to errors and inconsistencies that can lead to noncompliance,” says David Laky, General Manager, Clinical & Regulatory, Citeline. “TrialScope Disclose: Core Data allows for approval and submission from a single source of truth, helping to simplify, harmonize and accelerate the clinical trial disclosure process.”

TrialScope Disclose has been the leader in helping clinical trial sponsors prepare their studies for public disclosure for over a decade. With the addition of the Core Data platform, TrialScope Disclose continues to provide cutting-edge disclosure technology to enable seamless regulatory compliance.

Learn more about Citeline’s TrialScope Disclose.

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