Study Management & Reporting

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Optimize site selection and protocol structure

Understanding global clinical trial disclosure requirements can help you to refine site selection and change the protocol structure. Protocols written with disclosure in mind avoid unnecessary sharing of sensitive information, reduce redaction costs and incorporate plain language elements to meet regulatory requirements and support patient engagement initiatives.

Regulatory study management and reporting

Plan your study with disclosure in mind

Citeline provides global visibility into disclosure regulations through our TrialScope Intelligence solution, allowing sponsors to refine their regulatory strategy and transparency plans. Our specialized medical writers can write your study documents to manage the scope and efficiency of public disclosure, reduce the cost of redaction and anonymization and support patient engagement initiatives.

  • Monitor global disclosure regulations throughout the clinical lifecycle
  • Plan site selection with transparency requirements in mind 
  • Author your study documents to facilitate public disclosure, patient communication and redaction

Relevant Products & Services

Trialscope Atlas
TrialScope Atlas
The what, when, where & why of clinical trial information disclosure. Atlas enables clinical trial sponsors to quickly and accurately provide an answer to the question: Am I compliant? In doing so, Atlas reduces the risk of non-compliance by providing real time access to consolidated, global disclosure compliance performance metrics.
Key Benefits
  • Library of global compliance rules
  • Tailor to match your policies
  • Assess your global compliance performance
Trialscope Disclose
TrialScope Disclose
Accelerated clinical trial disclosure starts here. TrialScope Disclose keeps you ahead of changing regulations and evolving expectations, empowering you to maintain global disclosure compliance from a single, centralized platform.
Key Benefits
  • Improve speed and accuracy of submissions
  • Automate data entry and streamline processes
  • Re-use approved trial data across global registries
Trialscope Intelligence
TrialScope Intelligence
Streamlined clinical trial disclosures. Reduce manual work, leaving your team more time to strategize and plan timely, high-quality and compliant clinical trial disclosures – in the countries that are relevant to you.
Key Benefits
  • Access to country and registry requirements
  • EN-language translations
  • Get direct access to our leading expert analysts
Pink Sheet
Pink Sheet
Since 1939, Citeline’s Pink Sheet has been the leader in providing business-critical insights on pharmaceutical news, and analysis of regulatory policies and trends. Our global team of more than 20 journalists tracks marketing application progress from submission to approval, covering biosimilars, generics, brand name/innovator drugs and more.
Key Benefits
  • Business-critical policy and regulatory insights
  • Exclusive access to trusted analytics and data
  • Global coverage directly from key markets
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