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Citeline Connect

The end-to-end solution to find, educate, engage and enroll clinical trial participants worldwide

Developed with patient input, Citeline Connect fuels clinical trial education, engagement and enrollment with solutions and services that sit at the crossroads of sponsors, vetted recruitment partners, patients, healthcare providers and sites. Built on a globally compliant data analytics platform, Citeline Connect’s comprehensive digital experiences and multi-channel, multi-vendor recruitment programs prevent drop-off and reduce the burden of enrollment for all.

Healthcare professional guiding a patient through their trial journey with digital content and experiences through Citeline Connect.

An innovative model driving predictable results

Executing trials requires time, money and resources. With 7 out of 10 referrals resulting in screen failure and a quarter of clinical studies closing because they fail to meet enrollment goals, every decision and connection matters.

For trial sponsors

Build a bridge to clinical trial participants globally with accessible educational content and robust engagement strategies. Crowdsource recruitment to drive highly qualified referrals from 100+ diverse, pre-contracted organizations. Together, we can streamline the journey into a trial and foster trust by leveraging solutions made for patients, with patients.

For recruitment partners

Generate new revenue streams via access to a pipeline of clinical trial recruitment opportunities across therapeutic areas and geographies, as well as payment for referrals and randomizations. Broaden your exposure to sponsors while simultaneously opening new opportunities for the patients you reach to engage in trials.

What's included
Open more channels with less risk

Don’t limit the number of partners or sponsors you work with. Drive highly qualified referrals worldwide through the industry’s first Patient Recruitment Collective and an opted-in network of more than 1.7 million healthcare providers.

Boost patient centricity and trial transparency

Guide patients across the entire clinical trial life cycle with educational content and digital experiences developed for patients, with patients. Foster trust with relevant and timely notifications to engaged members of your own clinical trial community.

Make enrollment simple for all

Avoid drop-off and improve conversion rates by providing a seamless patient-to-site journey. Stay in the driver’s seat with visibility on omnichannel performance to proactively address risk.

Tap into the solutions you need, when you need them

Ensure sustainability and scale with modular solutions underpinned by a central data analytics platform that address the evolving needs of you, your team, and the patients you serve.

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
Our patient engagement and recruitment experts have decades of experience in all aspects of clinical trial education and enrollment. They are patients, caregivers, developers, strategists — and they come together to accelerate your research timelines.

With our network of vetted recruitment partners, we are able to extend our expertise well beyond our own staff’s capabilities. We bring you the best-of-the-best, so you can meet enrollment goals and expand the diversity of your clinical trials.
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