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Trial Summaries

This user-friendly portal aggregates clinical trial summaries across sponsors makes sharing plain language information about clinical trials easy. Automatically share summaries of protocols, results, journal articles and other information through a non-promotional, publicly accessible portal so patients can get the data that matters to them.

Trial participants accessing to learn more information about trials in plain language.

Bringing sponsors and participants together

Engaging with trial participants and patient communities means speaking their language. This means communicating information about your clinical trials using simple and straightforward language. Sponsors are providing a growing range of plain language documents, such as summaries of trial protocols and results, as well as abstracts of journal articles, to meet the increasing demand for easy-to-read information about clinical trials. However, this process has always been cumbersome — until now.

Efficient for you

Using our online portal lets you establish meaningful connections with patients while fulfilling your ethical obligations. currently supports over 45 languages to provide patients with information in their native language. This multi-sponsor portal is non-promotional and developed with a patient panel to ensure an intuitive design.

Simple for patients

Transform how patients engage with clinical trials by providing easily accessible, patient-friendly summaries through our intuitive interface that allows visitors to sign up to receive email alerts as soon as relevant summaries are published, ensuring they stay up-to-date on the latest trial information. 

What's included
Engage your patient community

Make it simple to navigate trial results with intuitive search capabilities and the option to translate results summaries in over 45 languages. Allow patients to subscribe to receive notifications relevant to their medical concerns.

Publish in the right context, at the right time

Leverage an unbiased, purely informational and non-promotional platform to publicize trial findings. Remain confident that you’re within regulatory protocols.

Eliminate manual updates

Say goodbye to paper processes with a trackable, secure and simple platform that’s 100% electronic. Automate data entries through integration with the TrialScope Disclose platform. 

Simplify how you share trial results

Create a powerful bridge between your research and the patient community you serve through the world’s largest digital source for plain-language summaries.

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
Our patient engagement and recruitment experts have decades of experience in all aspects of clinical trial education and enrollment. They are patients, caregivers, developers, strategists — and they come together to accelerate your research timelines.

With our network of vetted recruitment partners, we are able to extend our expertise well beyond our own staff’s capabilities. We bring you the best-of-the-best, so you can meet enrollment goals and expand the diversity of your clinical trials.
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