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TrialScope Intelligence

A centralized, interactive repository of the critical regulatory knowledge needed for global clinical trial disclosure compliance

Do you find that collecting and mining information on clinical trial disclosure requirements is a challenge?

TrialScope Intelligence empowers sponsors of all sizes to manage clinical trial disclosures efficiently and reduce the risk of non-compliance. It is comprehensive and centralizes all the regulatory knowledge you need in an easy digestible format. 

Simplify the management of increasingly complex clinical trial disclosure demands. Build efficiencies into your processes and increase your transparency while preserving public trust. Use a robust solution and take the manual strain out of monitoring, collecting and curating regulatory requirements.

Using Trialscope Intelligence to reduce manual work

Streamlined clinical trial disclosures

Using TrialScope Intelligence reduces manual work, leaving your team more time to strategize and plan timely, high-quality and compliant clinical trial disclosures – in the countries that are relevant to you.

How it helps

The breadth and the granularity of the coverage dramatically reduces the time you spend gathering and interpreting worldwide disclosure requirements. You can get support for your decision-making with Ask-the-Analyst® subject matter experts. Also, you can capture your thoughts in context, collaborate with colleagues and strengthen your alignment with external partners.

How it works

Regulatory intelligence content is monitored, collected and curated by our team of experts who specialize in clinical trial disclosure regulatory intelligence. Journalists who are experienced in reporting specialized policy and business information for biopharma professionals write and edit our Disclose Perspectives articles. The interface has been specifically designed with the clinical trial disclosure and regulatory intelligence professionals in mind.  

What's included
Country and registry requirements

Browse comprehensive regulatory authority and trial registry requirements, ready to digest, spanning over 200 countries.

Sources of truth 

Review global health authority and trial registry regulations in their original language, context and format.

EN-language translations 

Reference translated versions of crucial disclosure documents and passages for requirements that are not in English.

Disclose perspectives 

Access exclusive analysis and trends on the latest disclosure developments from experts and journalists.

Collaborate with team members 

Annotate individual requirements with notes as you read, maintaining momentum and tracking your train of thought. You can also leave notes and questions for colleagues and answer questions from them in return, for smooth collaboration.

Ask the Analyst 

Consult with our experts for additional insights on regulatory interpretation and intricacies.

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
Our experts
When it comes to the drug development process, regulatory is one area that simply cannot be overlooked; too much is at stake. Citeline’s regulatory intelligence, solutions and services help ensure that your organization maintains compliance.

Pink Sheet’s global team of over 20 journalists tracks marketing application progress from submission to approval, covering biosimilars, generics, brand name/innovator drugs and more.

The industry’s leading experts on clinical trial disclosure inform our TrialScope Disclose and TrialScope Intelligence Solutions as well as our Disclosure Services.
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