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Regulatory and compliance

Regulatory & Compliance

Citeline Regulatory & Compliance gives sponsors the information, tools and services they need to maintain clinical trial disclosure compliance, mitigate risk, increase transparency, and safeguard their brand reputation.

Our Pink Sheet publication leads the industry in providing reliable insights and analysis of global regulatory policies and trends. TrialScope Disclose is the most widely trusted solution for clinical trial disclosure management. TrialScope Intelligence centralizes all the regulatory knowledge you need to ensure compliance in a user-friendly format, identifying and analyzing clinical trial disclosure requirements globally.  With TrialScope Atlas, sponsors can streamline disclosure by consolidating their regulatory requirements into a single automated dashboard. Our Disclosure Services include protocol registration, results disclosure, plain language summaries and redaction.

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Our Regulatory & Compliance Products

Analyst transforming data into actionable insights

Analytics Solutions

Easy-to-access aggregated, analyzed and enhanced target data

Analyst visualizing the drug development process on screen


Real-time tracking and analysis of the drug development pipeline

Community pharmacists looking at a C+D solution

C+D Advertising & Marketing Services

Connecting your brands with community pharmacy

Supporting across your entire product lifecycle

C+D Data

Our expansive data set is the most accurate and comprehensive compendium of products sold into UK pharmacy, and our numerous solutions help connect the dots between product and industry.

C+D News

The leading source of news, commentary and analysis for the UK community pharmacy industry, Chemist+Druggist (C+D) is renowned for its exclusive stories and ground-breaking investigations into the most pressing issues affecting the sector.

Clinical trial participant discussing trial details

Citeline Connect

The end-to-end solution to find, educate, engage, and enroll clinical trial participants worldwide

Clinical trial protfolio website making it easy to provide and manage trial information

Clinical Trial Portfolio Websites

The comprehensive solution for educating, engaging and enrolling participants across an entire clinical trial portfolio

Patient looking for clinical trial opportunities

Community portal

A safe, secure online environment to communicate with patients before, during and after a clinical trial

Analyst using Datamonitor Healthcare for a market assesment

Datamonitor Healthcare

Analysis and data tools for pharma market assessments without the guesswork

Citeline consultants assessing feasibility

Feasibility as a Service (FaaS)

Tap into our team of dedicated experts and expedite protocol, country and site feasibility activities

Generic Drug Manufacturing

Generics Bulletin

Unrivaled news and analysis of the global generics, biosimilars and value-added medicines industries

Health Beauty and Wellness

HBW Insight

The single source of news and insight for the health, beauty and wellness sectors

Citeline Connect HCP awareness connecting to physicians

HCP Awareness

Real-world data and a global network of healthcare providers combine to boost trial awareness

KOL thought leader interview

In Vivo

Interviews, analysis and critical insights for life science decision-makers

Transforming information to make critical buisness systems

Informatics Solutions

Transform how you access information and make critical business decisions

Medical device testing and analysis


A 360° view of medical device markets, companies and products

Latest medtech news and insight

Medtech Insight

The latest high-value news, analysis and strategic insights on the global medical technology sector

Connecting partners and clinical trial sponsors

Patient Recruitment Collective

A robust recruitment network powering more efficient, effective trial enrollment

Supporting across your entire product lifecycle

Pharma Ignite

A broad range of marketing services connecting clients with pharmaceutical industry stakeholders

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Pharmaceutical Consulting

Discover opportunities, reduce risks and make more informed decisions

Getting the full drug RandD landscape


The industry standard for tracking and analyzing the global drug R&D landscape

Regulatory compliance

Pink Sheet

The leader in pharmaceutical news and regulatory trend analysis

Our network of prefered partners

Preferred Partner Network

Transforming the pharmaceutical industry with partner organizations

Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures

For more than 25 years, Primal Pictures has led the way in bringing premier 3D digital human anatomy solutions to the market

A group of people working together.


Global pharmaceutical industry news that goes beyond the headlines

Building a data driven site and investigator selection model


The industry-leading suite of global clinical trial investigator and site intelligence

Sitetrove Diversity Module

Sitetrove Diversity Module

Enabling sponsors to optimize investigator selection and hit diversity goals faster

US Physician networking


The leading network of specialized online medical communities

Citeline third party access data flows

Third-Party Access

Citeline’s Third-Party Access (TPA) program

Clinical trial sponsor ensuring compliance

TrialScope Atlas

The what, when, where & why of clinical trial information disclosure

Automated submissions to Clinical Trials

TrialScope Disclose

The most widely trusted solution for clinical trial disclosure management

Using Trialscope Intelligence to reduce manual work

TrialScope Intelligence

A centralized, interactive repository of the critical regulatory knowledge needed for global clinical trial disclosure compliance

Patients reading trial results summaries


This user-friendly portal aggregates clinical trial results summaries across sponsors

Surfacing insights for a successful clinical trial


The go-to resource for informing clinical trial strategy, design and execution

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