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The pressure to run a trial that is differentiated, meets its enrollment targets and achieves positive outcomes is intensifying. Sponsors and CROs are seeking new ways to establish endpoints, find the right patients, and reduce the risk of avoidable, costly protocol amendments.

Decisions made at the clinical development planning and protocol design stages will determine if your trial rises to, and meets, these demands or falls short. And so, the data that drives these decisions must be unmatched in relevance, quality, and timeliness.

Uncover the insights that will make the difference to your trial design

With increasing complexity in trial design, taking a data-driven approach to decision-making has never been more important. Our Trialtrove and Sitetrove solutions feature intuitive database search filters, producing results that mirrors your precise requirements.

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Trialtrove and Sitetrove’s filters pull data from the world’s most comprehensive and complete trial, site and investigator database. Citeline data are manually curated by a team of therapeutically focused experts. You don’t just get data pulled from sites, but instead data that take context into account, that remove bias and that present a complete picture.

The combination of easy navigation with best-in-class data allows you to:

  • benchmark trial design elements from over 400,000 trials (190,000 of which are not found in
  • select and validate endpoints, patient population and eligibility criteria
  • estimate trial timelines and recruitment rates for a given protocol

Design your trial with the highest quality data underpinning your decisions — meet your objectives and timelines, all while avoiding costly and unnecessary protocol amendments. Get in touch with us and see for yourself how we can support you. 

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Citeline supports drug development every step of the way

Citeline can support you at every step in the drug development journey, from preclinical commercial and licensing, all the way through to patient engagement/recruitment and regulatory submissions.

From preclinical commercial and licensing, all the way through to patient engagement/recruitment and regulatory submissions - Citeline has a solution for you. 

Take a look at a snapshot of our solutions portfolio and get in touch with us to learn more about the many ways Citeline is supporting drug development and improving the lives of patients all around the world.

Relevant Products & Services

Comprehensive clinical trial data you can trust. Combining unmatched coverage of the clinical trial space with unparalleled detail and granularity, Trialtrove is the only resource you can rely on to help surface the insights that will inform your strategy and enable you to deliver successful trials that meet your objectives.
Key Benefits
  • Improve your protocol development
  • Understand competitor clinical strategies
  • Get direct access to our leading expert analysts
Identify the sites and investigators that will help propel your trial over the line. Sitetrove’s team of expert analysts curates data from over 60,000 sources, resulting in a database that boasts over 530,000 investigators and more than 190,000 clinical trial sites spanning 185 countries.
Key Benefits
  • Successfully conduct site and investigator selection
  • Inform successful country selection
  • Get direct access to our leading expert analysts
With a comprehensive database of over 90,000 drug profiles, including 20,000 in active development, Pharmaprojects is the industry standard for tracking and analyzing the global drug R&D landscape. It serves as the trusted reference for the global drug R&D industry pipeline, offering a holistic view from preclinical to launch.
Key Benefits
  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Support BD and licensing activities
  • Monitor vital market trends
Trialscope Disclose
TrialScope Disclose
Accelerated clinical trial disclosure starts here. TrialScope Disclose keeps you ahead of changing regulations and evolving expectations, empowering you to maintain global disclosure compliance from a single, centralized platform.
Key Benefits
  • Improve speed and accuracy of submissions
  • Automate data entry and streamline processes
  • Re-use approved trial data across global registries
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