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Fuel your strategic planning and decision-making with industry-leading data and therapeutic expertise

Tap into the industry expertise of our specialized consultants and data analysts who understand how to translate pharmaceutical data into actionable insights that lead to smarter and more strategic business decisions. Make use of our consultant's deep domain expertise across therapeutic areas, and experience in personalized data modelling, real-world data, and tech-enabled solutions to address your specific business questions.

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Superior data combined with customized consulting & analytics

Make confident data-driven decisions using Consulting & Analytics solutions built for you. Pharma and biotech decision-makers trust Citeline’s Consulting & Analytics experts to help them maximize opportunities, minimize risk and ensure more successful outcomes. We monitor the competitive landscape and benchmark activities to track strategic objectives and keep you ahead of the competition.

Our custom data and analytic solutions are all powered by Citeline’s industry-leading products to deliver tech-enabled consulting, strategic insights and recommendations allowing you to:

  • Save time with ready-aggregated data
  • Ingest data into your internal platforms
  • Visualize data via dashboards and visualisation tools

To support the clinical strategy and planning process, the Consultancy & Analytics team combine domain expertise with industry-leading, evidence-based data to support:

  • Competitive landscape monitoring
  • Trial timing benchmarking
  • Identification and prioritization of investigators and sites.

Our Consulting & Analytics Solutions

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Analytics Solutions
Make the task of transforming data into actionable conclusions faster and easier. Easily access aggregated, analyzed and enhanced target data with Analytics Solutions. Our solutions are powered by the world-class data from across the Citeline portfolio to formulate answers to your specific questions.
Key Benefits
  • Save time with ready-aggregated data
  • Solve your specific business needs
  • Transform data into actionable insights faster
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Informatics Solutions
Bring our data to your systems. Citeline Informatics Solutions transform how you access information and make critical business decisions, delivering trusted data on your terms, the way you want it. Citeline APIs and Custom Analytics help you replace your current workflow of manual data gathering, manipulation and visualization which is not only time consuming but also places you at risk of making uninformed decisions.
Key Benefits
  • Integrate our data assets with your sources
  • Deliver real-time, data-driven dashboards
  • Personalized analytics solutions
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Pharmaceutical Consulting
Fuel your strategic planning and tactical decision-making with best-in-class data and bespoke pharmaceutical consulting. Whether you lack available staff, want an objective perspective or need outside expertise, our team assesses your needs and provides in-depth research, expert insights and innovative strategies that lead to success.

Key Benefits
  • Evaluate in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities
  • Forecasting and net present value (NPV) analysis
  • Improve decision-making
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Preferred Partner Network
Experience seamless integration of our content with preferred partners' technology. Built on Citeline’s deep industry expertise and years of collaborating with like-minded companies, the network brings together hand-picked industry specialists to create a select ecosystem of best-in-class service providers.
Key Benefits
  • Endorsed as gold-standard vendors
  • Dedicated, individualized success plans
  • Hand-picked industry specialists
Person exploring Citeline's Third-Party Access to access data and content.
Third-Party Access
Citeline’s Third-Party Access (TPA) program streamlines the process for existing clients to request an agreement for a third-party vendor to perform services for that client. TPAs enable Citeline clients to share Citeline data, content and information with vendors for a predefined purpose.
Key Benefits
  • Quick and seamless integrations
  • Client project success
  • Citeline content, data and information
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