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Clinical Solutions

Citeline Clinical provides comprehensive real-time R&D intelligence to the life sciences industry, and features unmatched data collection of global clinical trials, vetted investigators, trial sites and drug development pipelines. Our content is curated by the industry’s largest team of expert analysts, making Citeline Clinical an unparalleled source of R&D intelligence on the market.

With over 180,000 users, our data support strategic decisions across the life cycle of both commercial and clinical drug development. Our analysts provide critical insight into the global clinical trial landscape, informing protocol design, study feasibility, enrollment benchmarking, site identification and selection. Our trial engagement solutions enhance efforts to raise trial awareness, educate HCPs and patients, and accelerate trial enrollment.

The clinical workflow journey

Transform your clinical trials from study design, to feasibility, to patient recruitment, all supported with the necessary regulatory reporting in place.

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Our Clinical Solutions

Planning and Protocol Optimization
Planning & Protocol Optimization
Uncover the insights that will make the difference to your trial design. Citeline is the only choice when it comes to data that will drive success in your trial planning.
Key Benefits
  • Build searches to mirror exact requirements
  • Benchmark trial design with 400k+ trials
  • Evaluate similar protocols
Feasibility and Site Selection
Feasibility & Site Selection
Conduct feasibility and select sites and investigators that put your trial on the path to success. At Citeline, we are proud to offer a solution that enables the feasibility and site selection workflow.
Key Benefits
  • Benchmarking across 400k+ trials
  • Analyze patient populations
  • Identify relevant sites and investigators
Patient Engagement & Recruitment
Patient Engagement & Recruitment
Citeline Connect fuels clinical trial education, engagement and enrollment with solutions and services that sit at the crossroads of sponsors, vetted recruitment partners, patients, healthcare providers and sites.
Key Benefits
  • Globally compliant data-analytics platform
  • Multichannel recruitment platforms
  • Reduces the burden of patient enrollment
Study Management and Reporting
Study Management & Reporting
We provide global visibility into disclosure regulations through our world-class suite of TrialScope solutions and services, allowing sponsors to refine their regulatory strategy and transparency plans.
Key Benefits
  • Monitor global disclosure regulations
  • Plan site selection
  • Stay abreast of changes in regulation
Health Data Analytics and Consultancy Services
Clinical CRO Solutions
Leverage Citeline’s suite of gold-standard clinical solutions, and take the data driven approach you need to stand out from the crowd, winning more, more quickly and facilitating optimally run trials.
Key Benefits
  • Create RFPs and manage bid defenses
  • Complete feasibility analyses more efficiently
  • Expand in to new disease areas and geographies
Data Analytics and Consultancy Services
Data Analytics & Consultancy Services
Tap into the industry expertise of data analysts and specialized consultants who understand how to translate clinical data into actionable insights that lead to smarter, more strategic business decisions.
Key Benefits
  • Best-in-class data and analytics
  • APIs avaliable across a suite of solutions
  • Custom solutions and bespoke consultancy
HCP Marketing Solutions
HCP Marketing Solutions
Citeline’s Skipta is the leading network of specialized online medical communities for over 800,000 verified healthcare professionals. Providing the perfect opportunity for pharma marketers, Skipta brings together 25 communities, segmented by specialty and disease area, on a private and secure platform where members access news, clinical data and more.
Key Benefits
  • 800k+ verified HCPs
  • 25 specialist communities
  • Specialized medical communities
Life Science Marketing Services
Life Science Marketing Services
Pharma Ignite’s full complement of marketing solutions and services, managed by pharmaceutical industry insiders and a dedicated team of marketing experts, ensures clients hit the mark with their target audience. Areas of specialization include brand awareness, lead generation, in-person events and more, all backed by comprehensive analytics and reporting.
Key Benefits
  • Content curated through our experts
  • Access to key decision-makers
  • Bespoke solutions to meet your needs
News and Insights
News & Insights
Citeline’s award-winning publications provide in-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical industry, in areas including community pharmacies, generics & biosimilars, pharmaceutical regulation & policy, the biopharma, medtech, diagnostic industries and OTC drugs, cosmetics and dietary supplements.
Key Benefits
  • In-house journalists and analysts
  • Global pharmaceutical industry coverage
  • Ask The Analyst (ATA) service
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Real World Data Solutions
Take a patient-centric view of your clinical trial planning and execution by tapping into a diverse, tokenized real world dataset covering over 300 million US lives.
Key Benefits
  • Early clinical development planning & strategy
  • Protocol design and patient population impact
  • Site and principal investigator selection
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