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NEW YORK, Sept. 7, 2022 (PRNewswire) — ProofPilot, the leading digital protocol clinical trial platform, and Citeline Connect, the most comprehensive solution for clinical trial engagement and recruitment, today announced a strategic partnership to make clinical trials more accessible for all patient populations and clinical trial workflows less cumbersome for research site staff. This collaboration combines both ProofPilot's Patient and Site Co-Pilot offerings with Citeline Connect's technology and network of recruitment partners to effectively deliver research solutions that promote enrollment, randomization, protocol adherence, and patient retention.

Through this alliance, Citeline Connect and ProofPilot will integrate several key capabilities, beginning with Citeline Connect's novel patient recruitment solution for pharmaceutical companies. Citeline Connect will deploy ProofPilot's Patient and Site Co-Pilot offerings to allow patients to proactively schedule calls, onsite visits, and communicate with site staff, providing for a more seamless experience overall. The collaboration will also allow patients to share Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for robust screening, and allow sites to deliver eConsent/ePro. ProofPilot's digital automation platform orchestrates key stakeholder tasks, optimizing clinical workflows, reducing the burden on site staff, along with automating tasks to increase patient engagement rates.

"This strategic collaboration, which pairs our modern combination of digital, automated patient engagement experiences with Citeline Connect's award-winning patient recruitment solutions, will help improve patient enrollment, engagement, and adherence, leading to higher quality data," said Joseph Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at ProofPilot. "We can fundamentally change clinical trial experiences for patients, as well as for site staff and sponsors, to get potentially life-saving interventions to patients faster."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with ProofPilot to extend the Citeline Connect experience further into the patient and site journey. Putting patients and sites in the driver's seat — giving them more control and automation — will result in better outcomes for all," said Gerald Sirag, Head of Patient Engagement & Recruitment Solutions at Citeline Connect. "I see this as the starting point. We're always looking for innovative ways to reduce stakeholder burden in trials and optimize recruitment performance."

ProofPilot and Citeline Connect are excited to fuse multiple parts of the patient and site trial workflow to increase randomization rates, minimize hurdles, and accelerate timelines.

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