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NEW YORK — April 25, 2024 — Due to more complex protocol designs, stricter inclusion/exclusion criteria and shorter intervals between diagnosis and treatment, the window for identifying the right patients to enroll in clinical trials is shrinking. With Citeline PatientMatch, sponsors and investigators receive customized support to pinpoint eligible patients before a treatment plan is finalized.

Citeline PatientMatch combines comprehensive algorithms, based on a protocol’s inclusion/exclusion criteria, with Citeline’s deep data assets. These datasets include labs, biomarkers, structured/unstructured electronic medical records (EMR) and other longitudinal real-world-data (RWD) from top reference labs and 400-plus hospitals/health systems. Citeline then delivers timely alerts to investigators when patients matching the algorithm receive new test results that could make them eligible for a study.

The HIPAA-compliant solution also pairs Citeline’s in-house clinical team — comprised of PhDs, MDs, MPHs and PharmDs who support the curation and algorithm building — with robust RWD resources for a complete view of patients’ complex medical histories that match comprehensive protocols and help sponsors expedite trial enrollment.

“In today’s fast-paced clinical environment, sponsors’ complex protocols require sophisticated recruitment solutions to reach the right patients at the right time. Citeline PatientMatch is a fit-for-purpose recruitment approach that strongly aligns to many therapeutic indications where traditional, direct-to-patient recruitment advertising approaches have historically been unsuccessful,” says Matt Holms, Vice President, Sales-Patient Engagement & Recruitment at Citeline. “Citeline PatientMatch enables sponsors to precisely identify protocol-specific populations from surrounding investigators and in-network healthcare providers.”

Citeline PatientMatch is part of the Citeline Connect end-to-end suite of patient engagement and recruitment solutions. Citeline Connect brings together study sponsors and CROs in search of patients and healthcare organizations with patients seeking promising potential treatments to manage their conditions. With the addition of Citeline PatientMatch, Citeline Connect expands and strengthens its capacity for meeting enrollment goals and enhancing clinical trial diversity.

To find out more about Citeline PatientMatch, visit Citeline.com

About Citeline
Citeline, a Norstella company, powers a full suite of complementary business intelligence offerings to meet the evolving needs of life science professionals to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments. These patient-focused solutions and services deliver and analyze data used to drive clinical, commercial and regulatory-related decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

Citeline’s global teams of analysts, journalists and consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medtech industries, covering them with expert insights: key diseases, clinical trials, drug R&D and approvals, market forecasts and more. For more information on one of the world’s most trusted health science partners, visit Citeline and follow on LinkedIn and X.

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In today’s fast-paced clinical environment, sponsors’ complex protocols require sophisticated recruitment solutions to reach the right patients at the right time.
Matt Holms, Vice President, Sales-Patient Engagement & Recruitment at Citeline

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