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The single most comprehensive consumer healthcare information source. Unmatched for industry news, analysis and insight.

HBW Insight is a single source of regulatory, legislative, legal and commercial news and insight, helping you to anticipate global challenges, risks and opportunities. It connects the dots across three sectors, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements and cosmetics, which have increasing points of intersection. 

Collection of consumer health products that HBW Insight provides news and insights about.

The single most comprehensive consumer healthcare information source

How it helps

HBW Insight gives you the power to go behind the news stories to understand the implications of worldwide industry developments across three different, but complementary, consumer healthcare sectors on your business.

How it works

A broad network of global expert analysts and journalists gives you an insider’s perspective by tracking market events and their impacts from around the globe, to help you understand the potential impact of developments and trends. Plus, access exclusive interviews with key opinion leaders and market movers. We also draw on the strength and expertise of the rest of the Citeline family of analytical and market intelligence tools.

What's included
Get a global view

Gain a deep understanding of profound insights into commercial, policy and regulatory developments directly from key markets.

Be the first to know

Turn to HBW Insight for implications in market advancements to inform your decision-making and strategy planning.

Go beyond the news

Get exclusive access to accurate and timely news and insights as well as interviews and opinions from industry leaders and associations to gain a competitive advantage.


Access unlimited support for your research from experienced industry analysts.

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We provide comprehensive industry news, on areas ranging from pharmaceutical regulation and policy to generics and the medtech industry.

Our 300+ analysts are trusted advisers to a broad spectrum of the industry, including biopharma, biotechs, financial and professional services, CDMOs and CROs.
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