ESMO event announcement.

By Saakshi Gupta
Senior Analyst, Oncology

In this overview, we look at the clinical trial landscape for trials that had data presented at ESMO 2023 to see which products are being developed, for which cancers, at what phase, in which geographies and what patient population are.

Immuno-oncology drugs are becoming an increasing presence in the anticancer pipelines. AstraZeneca dominated the space, followed by Roche, Merck & Co, and Bristol Myers Squib in terms of sponsoring trials.

Dashboard preview of the Primary Tested Drug.
Dashboard preview of the Sponsors.

Trial counts per cancer type. Non-small cell lung cancer is the most researched cancer type, followed by breast and colorectal cancers. Furthermore, most of the trials conducted are in phase II or III.

Dashboard preview of Disease. Dashboard preview of Trial Phase.

Looking at the patient population for these trials, we see the majority of the trials enroll patients based on genetic mutations or alterations.

Dashboard preview of the Trial Tag/Attribute.

With that being said, a good number of these trials are either first in human or are registrational i.e. pivotal clinical trials that are intended to be part of a regulatory submission to gain initial market approval.

Geographic Distribution - The United States holds the leading position in conducting maximum trials with non-small cell lung cancer being the focus of investigation followed by breast and colorectal cancers.

Dashboard preview of Countries.

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