Infographic preview of The 9 Hidden Costs of Clinical Trial Disclosure.

TrialScope Disclose empowers clinical trial sponsors to do more with their trial information, from ensuring disclosure compliance and maximizing tria transparency to improving patient education, engagement and trust.

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hidden costs of clinical trial disclosure
OCT 06, 2023
Regulatory & Compliance

9 Hidden Costs of Trial Disclosure

From system implementation to protocol registration and process assessment, hidden costs lurk at every step of the clinical trial disclosure process.

Digital representation of the globe.
MAR 01, 2023
White paper
Regulatory & Compliance

Global Clinical Trial Disclosure: What Noncompliance Penalties Are in Place, & How They Are Enforced

Industry groups and transparency advocates call for enforcing clinical trial disclosure noncompliance penalties. But are regulatory agencies doing so?

Trial Summaries-Improving Patient-Centric Communications resource-card-thumbnail
JUL 01, 2023
White paper
Regulatory & Compliance

Trial Summaries Improving Patient-Centric Communications

The Pharma R&D Annual Review 2023 Supplement looks at new active substances (NASs), drugs launched onto the market for the first time, during 2022