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Global R&D Intelligence - Novel Drug
全球R&D综合数据 - 创新药

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Global R&D Intelligence - Clinical Trial
全球R&D综合数据 - 临床试验

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Global R&D Intelligence - Investigator/Site
全球R&D综合数据 - 研究者/临床中心

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Training & Help

We provide product training support via online sessions/pre-recorded materials, please click below to access relevant contents, or reach out to this email for any customized training request: [email protected]

我们提供各产品的使用培训支持,请点击下列查阅相关培训资源,若有特定培训需求或安排则可联系:[email protected]

For access or technical issues, please contact your dedicated support team via 'Meet the Team', or contact Client Service team via below email:

若有任何登录问题,请切换至Meet the Team版面并联系对接服务团队,或可联系全球/亚太客服团队:

Global - [email protected] (English only)

APAC - [email protected] (via English/Chinese)

Require Research Support?

Your status as a loyalty partner includes unlimited access to our highly acclaimed Ask-the-Analyst™ service. With a 24-hour response time, Ask-the-Analyst offers you authoritative information to help you make faster, smarter business decisions.


Our Ask-the-Analyst team of industry experts leverages the complete suite of pharma intelligence products and publicly available sources to bring you the answers you’re looking for, while your information and all questions received are strictly confidential.


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