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Use In Vivo’s exclusive interviews, analysis and critical insights from key players in the biopharma, medtech and diagnostics industries to inform your decision-making.

Get a window into what the leading players across the biopharma, medtech and diagnostics industries are thinking, as well as important insight into what your competitors are doing. Build your strategy with In Vivo.

Expert interview with a biopharma leader for insights and strategy.

Strategic industry insight

How it helps

With In Vivo, you’ll benefit from:

  • insight about the key players in the industry
  • in-depth coverage of company strategies
  • expert analysis of deal-making, R&D, commercial, market access, finance strategies and trends
  • exclusive insider insight and thought leadership
  • help with specific questions from our renowned Ask-the-Analyst™ service

How it works

Access mission-critical information via a simple-to-use interface. And if you need to find out more about developments or pharmaceutical industry trends to support presentations, proposals or business-critical decisions, you can access our worldwide network of expert analysts through our acclaimed Ask-the-Analyst™ service.

Plus, you can identify threats and opportunities using our Execs on the Move feature, which tracks the company movements of senior executives.

What's included
Cutting-edge thought leadership

View incisive projections of future industry advances.

Expert analysis

Read our analysis of trends shaping the market landscape.

Hear from news makers

Access interviews with leading decision-makers, industry experts and thought leaders, across the industry.

Ask the expert

Put your questions about any of our news stories, data and analysis to our expert journalists and analysts.

In-depth examination of deal-making and finance strategies

Find out what's successful and what are the trends.

Understand more about how our solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage
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