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We have a variety of subscription options, so you can decide the best one for you or your business.

All UK pharmacies must have an active C+D subscription. This includes:

  • Access to for product look-up
  • C+D Data license
  • Monthly price list

If you use a PMR system in your pharmacy you must have a C+D Basic or Premium subscription. This subscription includes a C+D Data license which covers the use of C+D Data within your PMR system and facilitates the ordering of products using PIP codes. Simply select the subscription option that is best suited to your business.


(inc VAT) / per year

    • C+D Data license
    • Access to
    • 'Guide to OTC medicines and diagnostics'
    • 'Pricelist'

(inc VAT) / per year

    • C+D Data license
    • Access to
    • 'Guide to OTC medicines and diagnostics'
    • 'Pricelist'

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If you have received an Invoice and would like to arrange to make payment via Direct Debit (UK Customers only), please download the Direct debit mandate form

Frequently asked questions

The C+D Data license allows you to use C+D data within your PMR System. C+D Data continually works to maintain pharmacy product details from over 1,200 manufacturers who have registered over 100,000 products within our database. We partner with and supply relevant product data to all five PMR system suppliers in the UK:

McLernon Computers MPS Dispensing
EMIS Health Proscript
Cegedim Rx Pharmacy Manager or Nexphase
Positive Solutions Analyst PMR
Clanwilliam Health Rx Web

C+D Data, which includes product PIP codes, is then integrated into your pharmacy's PMR system which facilitates electronic ordering, product scanning, viewing of product information and third-party system integration.

C+D Data is jointly owned by C+D and the National Pharmacy Association.
Yes, you are required to hold a valid C+D Data license if you are dispensing and using C+D Data (which includes the use of PIP codes).
All pharmacies that order products use C+D Data. Please note that any payments made to your PMR system supplier are totally separate and you are still required to purchase a C+D pharmacy subscription, which contains the C+D Data license, so you can use our pharmacy product data in your PMR system.
Roughly 14,000 pharmacies in the UK are using C+D Rx Data and are paying for a C+D pharmacy subscription. There are a fraction of UK pharmacies who haven’t paid for their C+D subscription and therefore do not have the appropriate C+D Data license. We work closely with our PMR System Supplier partners to contact these pharmacies for payment so that we can continue to deliver their PMR System functionality with C+D Rx Data.
To purchase a C+D pharmacy subscription, which includes a C+D Data license, please either purchase online using a credit card, debit card or direct debit or contact the C+D subscriptions team:
Tel - 0330 333 0166
Email - [email protected]

Still not sure what package to go with?

Call our dedicated C+D subscriptions team, who can advise you on which package is best value for your needs 0330 333 0166

If you want more information about C+D's community pharmacy subscription offers, visit our FAQ section here


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