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Powering healthcare through trusted pharmacy product data solutions

For over 150 years, C+D Data (from Chemist+Druggist) has provided the healthcare sector with trustworthy pharmacy product information. Our expansive data set is the most accurate and comprehensive compendium of products sold into UK pharmacy. C+D data helps connect the dots between product and industry, so customers can stay at the forefront of a dynamic market and provide services that support the management of medicines into UK primary and secondary care.

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Comprehensive, up-to-date pharmacy product data

More often than not, the pharmacy product data you and your team need are difficult to access, out of date, fragmented, and collating them requires valuable time and resource from your team.

How it helps

C+D Data offers you all the information you need from one trusted real-time source that is continually updated covering 60+ data points per product, across 91,000+ products.

How it works

Data ― audited by our internal team and supplied direct from pharma manufacturers ― are available via an online platform. This can be accessed via PMR systems in most pharmacies or an API into your system of choice ― making C+D Data the go-to solution for pharmacy and allied healthcare organizations.

What's included

The dataset is the most accurate and comprehensive compendium of products used across the NHS and UK pharmacies. Spanning over 91,000 UK pharmacy products, each with 60 data points, supplied by over 1,100 manufacturers, refreshed daily and curated by an internal team making over 6,000 updates every month.

  • Online access: Use our online platform to search, browse and validate UK pharmacy product information.
  • API: Integrate C+D Data into your system of choice providing automated access to our expansive dataset, including all the latest product changes daily.

If you use a PMR system in your pharmacy, you must have a C+D Data Pharmacy license to cover the use of the data within your PMR system.

Management for Pharma Manufacturers

Our management solutions help you deliver your enhanced product information to the UK pharmacy market quickly and easily. Register your products using one of the management solutions and our expert team will enrich, map and actively cleanse and curate your information integrating it into C+D Data.

Understanding the complex landscape of the UK pharmacy industry:

Delve deeper into UK pharmacy and uncover future possibilities to inform your strategic decisions. Our intelligence dashboards allow you to tap into the wealth of current and historic product and pricing information held within C+D Data, so that you can actively research, analyse and compare the UK pharmacy product landscape.

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Our experts

Our dedicated C+D Data team have a wealth of pharmacy experience and are continually enriching and manually curating the data to ensure they're not only up to date and accurate but also evolving to respond to the needs of the community.

They are continually seeking feedback from pharmacy and healthcare professionals to aid product development, and improve C+D Data.
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