Patient Engagement & Recruitment

Patient Recruitment Collective

A global recruitment network powering more efficient, effective trial enrollment

Citeline Connect was founded on the industry’s first Patient Recruitment Collective – a growing network of 100+ precontracted organizations with reach to unique and diverse patient populations. By working collaboratively via a central platform, we can match and qualify more participants to clinical trials worldwide. 

Connecting partners and clinical trial sponsors

A ‘one-to-many’ approach connects partners and sponsors

When you’re not limited to the number of partners or sponsors you work with, it becomes easier for eligible participants to find and enroll in a trial. Open more channels for new patients to discover and learn more before taking the next steps to join a clinical trial through Citeline Connect’s Patient Recruitment Collective. 

For partners

Broaden your exposure by working with many sponsors at one time. Expand and optimize the funnel for the people you reach by providing a seamless patient-to-site journey. Easily measure performance and optimize the channels and tactics you use to recruit.

For sponsors

Drive highly qualified referrals worldwide by crowdsourcing trial enrollment through 90+ diverse, precontracted partners – all through one platform. Streamline the journey into a trial and manage all vendors, referrals and sites through a central platform to proactively address risk.

What's included
Bring new players to the table

Connect with the right sponsors and partners – from traditional recruitment companies to smaller, non-traditional players - to expand your recruitment funnel with speed and precision. Avoid the time-consuming process of RFPs/bid defenses and onboarding or managing partnerships.  

Make enrollment simple for all 

Receive all IRB materials needed to launch a recruitment campaign. Avoid drop-off and improve conversion rates by providing a seamless patient-to-site journey. Avoid overwhelming sites with unqualified referrals.  

Track performance

Prioritize sites within your selected countries that are best positioned to support your trial-based key attributes like protocol-matched patient availability, relevant trial experience and limited competitive trial engagement.

Risk-share payment model

Benchmark enrollment milestones based on referral or randomization and automate referral verification before paying recruitment partners.

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Our experts
Our patient engagement and recruitment experts have decades of experience in all aspects of clinical trial education and enrollment. They are patients, caregivers, developers, strategists — and they come together to accelerate your research timelines.

With our network of vetted recruitment partners, we are able to extend our expertise well beyond our own staff’s capabilities. We bring you the best-of-the-best, so you can meet enrollment goals and expand the diversity of your clinical trials.
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