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Citeline (formerly Informa Pharma Intelligence) powers a full suite of complementary business intelligence offerings to meet the evolving needs of health science professionals to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments.

These patient-focused solutions and services deliver and analyze data used to drive clinical, commercial and regulatory-related decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

Our global teams of analysts, journalists and consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medtech industries, covering it all with expert insights: key diseases, clinical trials, drug R&D and approvals, market forecasts and more.

Citeline’s new mission statement reinforces the company’s laser focus on research and the role it plays in improved patient outcomes: “Every patient deserves treatment, and every treatment demands evidence. The best evidence is uncovered by the curious mind and the most searching questions.”

Citeline is committed to providing a world-class suite of products and services that the pharmaceutical and biotech industry has come to rely on, now as an independent and rapidly growing company.